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As nice as it is to spend time out under the sun’s warm rays, excessive exposure to the UV energy that comes with them can, unfortunately, cause skin cancer. This is one of the most common forms of cancer in the world, but it can be resolved quite easily if it’s spotted and addressed early on. For this reason, Dr. Mark Fisher and his team recommend that patients avoid hesitation and check out any new spots, moles, or lesions on the skin as quickly as possible.

If you suspect or know that you may be dealing with skin cancer, Dr. Fisher is here to help. Not only is he adept at the removal and excision of skin cancer, but he can fully rebuild and restore the area after an excision. To learn more, reach out and set up your consultation at our Westport office today.

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What Causes Skin Cancer?

Most of us think of the sun’s rays as being a healthy and nourishing presence. While this is largely true, it’s also true that an overabundance of exposure to the sun’s UV rays can cause abnormal cellular development known as skin cancer. As with other types of cancer, skin cancer involves a condition wherein your skin cells begin to proliferate at an unhealthy rate.

While these abnormal levels of cellular growth can be easily curbed if they’re spotted quickly enough, they can become more dangerous if they’re left untreated. Most cases of skin cancer are found on parts of the body that see the most exposure to direct sunlight, so Dr. Fisher always recommends that sunscreen and protective clothing be worn as frequently as possible. If you suspect that you might be dealing with skin cancer, Dr. Fisher recommends that you set up a consultation and obtain a diagnosis as quickly as possible.

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Skin Cancer Excision and Reconstruction

In many cases, when skin cancer is spotted early enough, Dr. Fisher can remove it with a simple excision procedure. This typically only requires a local anesthetic, and once your skin cancer has been addressed, Dr. Fisher will be able to perform any reconstructive procedure that might be needed to fully restore your appearance. This enables you to address your skin cancer without impacting your quality of life or changing your look in any kind of significant way.

Dr. Fisher will also work closely with your dermatologist to treat skin cancer as a team. Patients will often seek a plastic surgeon to perform reconstruction after a skin cancer excision such as Mohs surgery. Dr. Fisher’s craniofacial training enables him to perform reconstruction after Mohs surgery with minimal scarring and aesthetic results.

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Address Your Skin Cancer Issues Today

Even the mildest case of skin cancer can become a dangerous medical issue if left untreated, so we recommend reaching out to Dr. Mark Fisher for a consultation if you suspect that you may be dealing with the potential for skin cancer, or if you are planning to undergo a skin cancer excision. By calling upon his extensive fellowship training, Dr. Fisher can resolve any potential skin cancer problems and help you enjoy the healthy skin you deserve.

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