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I had a Mohs procedure on my face in August 2022. However, unlike 99% of the other procedures, mine did not remove all the cancerous cells. The result was a second procedure with much wider margins that left me with a hole the size of a fifty cent piece in the middle of my face. However, it was too close to my nose to be simply sewn together. Dr Fisher was tasked with saving my face so I would not look like the offspring of the bride of frankenstein and phantom of the opera for the rest of my life.

And he did. He made an incision from my neck to my ear, then across my face to my nose, then down to my chin. He used that flap to close the gigantic hole. I had 100+ stitches in my face. He said he could minimize the scar over time but that it would take a year to fully heal. It was hard to believe that for quite a while but he was right.

If I could give Dr Fisher more than five stars I would. He kept my spirits up during the healing process and appropriately preached patience. He followed up the initial procedure with laser treatments to further shrink the scar. He completed his work with a scar revision that makes it look like nothing happened. As I look back at the pictures shortly after the procedure compared to today, I am amazed at the recovery and the outcome. His confidence in the outcome never wavered which was very comforting. He told me what to expect and as I hit those milestones, I felt much more confident in the outcome as well.

Dr Fisher also has a terrific team. They were always available for questions and were very responsive. It was a pleasure dealing with everyone. I would wholeheartedly recommend Dr Fisher and his team.

Lou Taylor

Dr. Mark Fisher

How can I sum up in a few words what a caring, professional doctor Mark Fisher is! It is nearly impossible. I had a large dent in my skull from Mohs surgery and naturally quite emotional the first time I met him. He immediately put my fears of what was to come with the impending plastic surgery to repair my skull with his caring attitude towards me. Dr Fisher and his exceptional staff made an extremely difficult situation so much better! And I am forever grateful. My scalp has been corrected and fully healed because of him and his excellent care of me for the past two years! I would never hesitate to recommend Dr Mark Fisher for any and all plastic surgery needs. He is quite simply The Best!

Lori Guerrera

Dr. Fisher was my third doctor…and I am so glad I kept looking until I found him. I had an abnormally large (and growing) benign tumor which a very reputable surgeon would not even touch. Dr. Fisher not only took me as a new patient asap, he patiently explained the process which resulted in an operation within 10 days. He explains with kindness and empathy and kept asking if I had any more questions or concerns. His office staff was wonderful as well. Saw him for post-op appointment and so thankful to feel great. I recommend him as much as possible! Unusual to find such a good quality surgeon also with caring compassion! I hope his practice grows and he is around for a long time in this area.

Delia Camus

Dr. Mark Fisher is exceptional! When we had an emergency with our son’s badly cut hand, we did not want to go to the emergency to avoid not only the scene but the fact that you just would never get this kind of personal special care and know that you are doing everything to avoid lasting scars or any potential nerve damage. Dr. Mark Fisher’s office took us in right away and in the most comfortable and accommodating way my son’s horrible injury was tended to, came back a couple days later to make sure healing properly, and all is better - no scars. Thank you Thank you Thank you

Yury Feygin

Dr. Fisher performed my breast reduction surgery one year ago today and I am here to tell you it has been the best decision I ever made for MYSELF. As someone who never had surgery and was terrified of anesthesia, Dr. Fisher was completely understanding and supportive. He is professional, honest and highly skilled. I wish I had done it sooner, but I am glad I waited to find the right Doctor. I am eternally grateful and happy to have my confidence back. Thank you Dr. Fisher!

Meredith Tiani

My entire experience from consultation to follow-up has been great. The staff there is very friendly on the phone and in person and they never tire of all my questions. I had a breast reduction a little over 4 months ago and went home with very little pain from the procedure. Dr. Fisher and his team did a wonderful job on my breasts. I will definitely use them again for any future plastic surgery I may want.

Olga Digsby

I can’t believe how well my eye looks. It looks better than the one that didn’t have surgery. What a fantastic job. Thank you.

Robert Anderson

Dr. Fisher did an amazing job with surgery on my eyebrow. The scar doesn’t show and blends with the shape of my brow. I am very pleased! Thank you.


Dr. Mark Fisher is one of the best doctors I've ever encountered. He was very kind and caring to me both pre and post-op surgery. He even gave me his cell phone number and texted me each day until my follow-up visit. Dr Fisher trained with some of the best plastic surgeons from Northwell Health so I knew I was in capable hands. I am thrilled with the results of my mastopexy. Dr Fisher is a magician, I don't even have any scars... and I highly recommend him!!


Dr. Fisher is a rare combination of a truly gifted surgeon with highest professional and ethical standards , and a very kind and caring human being . He goes above and beyond to make the whole procedure go as smoothly and comfortably as possible.

Anna Katznelson

Dr. Fisher helped me to regain confidence of my body. He was very attentive, careful, focused. He made me feel relaxed during the procedure. Dr. Fisher truly cares about his patients.

Julia Tatar

Doctor Fisher is the most caring, kind hearted doctor I have ever known. He cares so much for his patients. He is friendly, understanding, and takes the time to explain things in full detail so that this way you are not left with any confusion. My breast reduction was a huge success thanks to the care of Dr. Fisher. After the surgery he took the time to talk in detail with my mother and my aunt to explain the recovery process. He then called me the next day to see how I was feeling and to let me know that if I needed anything at all that I shouldn’t hesitate to call him. He has been amazing at any follow up visits assuring me that things were going great and explaining to me that if I had any concerns I could pick up the phone and just let him know. This is a very comforting thing especially for someone who deals with high anxiety to know that a doctor cares this much for his patients. I have to say he has the absolute best bedside manners. When he’s with you, you’re what he is focused on and what he cares about. Dr. Fisher has been very helpful and has always been very gracious to answer any and all questions I have. For such a life changing decision that I made to my body, I’m sure glad I went with Dr. Fisher, there’s no better doctor. Thank you, Dr. Fisher for everything you’ve done for me. I have a higher-level of self-confidence and self-esteem because of you.

Mary LaPoma

I am thrilled with the results of my mastopexy. Dr Fisher is a magician, I don't even have any scars... and I highly recommend him!!


I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Fisher. He answered all of my questions during the consultation. He was caring and explained everything without over advising me procedures or trying to convince me of something I wouldn’t want. When I look at myself in the mirror, the results are beyond my expectations. He managed to make everything look perfect and natural. I feel gorgeous. Can't recommend him enough!

Yana Shklyar

I highly recommend Dr. Fisher! He performed my breast augmentation, and I had an amazing experience from the first consultation to the post op recovery. Dr. Fisher is patient and kind with excellent bedside manner. He put me at ease about the procedure and I knew I was in good hands. Post surgery I was in constant communication with Dr. Fisher and his team, and the recovery was much easier than anticipated. I could not be happier with the results! I found myself calling Dr. Fisher again when my two year old need stitches in his lip. Dr. Fisher saved us a trip to the hospital by meeting us in his office on a Friday night. My son was as calm as could be as Dr. Fisher tended to his wound. We are so appreciative!


Dr. Fisher is the only doctor I would see for anything to do with my face. He was caring and also very direct regarding a removal of a cyst on my cheek. I cannot even tell it was there, the scar is so small. Can’t thank him enough or recommend him more highly.

Anne Grotefeld

When I went to see Dr Mark Fisher, right away, I felt comfortable with him and was welcomed by his staff. My husband and I had questions and concerns and he took his time, and answered everything thoroughly. We were impressed by him. Of all the surgeons, we chose Dr Fisher. Dr FisHer did my surgery and kept in close contact with his Private Nurse throughout my recovery. I am impressed with his work and genuinely happy with the whole experience. My flat stomach is back! I am pleased that I chose Dr Mark Fisher, I highly recommend him, and will spread the word. And if I have any other plastic surgery I won’t think twice , I’ll go back to Dr Mark Fisher located in Westport, Ct.


Highest recommendation! After removal of a skin cancer lesion involving the lip and adjacent skin, I was referred to Dr Fisher for reconstruction. He is a good listener, explained the process clearly, and was reassuring throughout. The surgical result is excellent, exceeding my expectations.

Lisa Plumley

It has been 4 months since I last saw you and I wanted to let you know how my nose and breathing are doing. Great! Wonderful! I also wanted to say from the start I knew I was in good hands with you as my surgeon. Your talents are incredible, your knowledge and steady hands made me feel and know I came to the right person. Stay well and happy. Happy Holidays as well.


While I prefer to provide feedback anonymously, I would be remiss if I didn’t not mention that not only is Dr. Fisher a world-class surgeon, but also an insightful, caring doctor. He performed my rhinoplasty, he replicated exactly what we discussed, and checked in every step of the way.


I am 73 years of age and I have worked with many physicians during my life. I have witnessed medical doctors at work in both the military and in civilian circles. I was a U.S. Army chaplain serving in both the Infantry and the Cavalry. I have concluded that Dr. Fisher is an outstanding medical doctor, plastic surgeon, and human being. Here are some of the traits he more than exemplifies: I had an operation with Dr. Fisher on a rather large melanoma. He asked about my physical and emotional state prior to and following surgery. At no point did I sense that I was simply a litany of problems, medications, and procedures. He even returned a call I had made to his office on a Sunday afternoon. Dr. Mark Fisher was always mentally and professionally prepared to receive me the moment my appointment began. Would I recommend Dr. Mark Fisher to someone looking for a skilled and caring plastic surgeon? My reply to this question is a resounding, 'YES!'

Carl Rohde

Dr. Mark Fisher is an impeccable and highly skilled surgeon. From our first consultation, to day of surgery and post op. care I was very pleased. Dr. Fisher has amazing bedside manner, he was wonderful at listening to what I wanted and making me feel comfortable. Dr. Fisher checked on me multiple times after surgery to make sure I was doing ok. I am very happy with the result of my rhinoplasty! His entire staff is warm as well as very professional. I loved my experience and I love the end result!

Kate Mekler

I rarely write reviews, it’s just not my thing. But this time I felt I had to. From the moment I stepped into Dr. Fisher's office I felt a welcoming, warm atmosphere. It could be a bit intimidating to walk into a plastic surgeon's office where you need to "take off your makeup" and discuss things you don’t like about yourself but sitting with Dr Fisher I did not feel intimidated at all!! He created a game plan for me, and we decided to start with some fillers. Normally I am very controlling, but this time I had such a sense of trust that I just let him do whatever he felt was right for me. And he did an amazing job, my face looks fantastic! But most importantly it was not overdone, just right. Now I feel confident to book my neck lift in a few months. To make a long story short, my sister is now flying up from Miami to see him! What more can I say? Thank you, Dr. Fisher

Larisa Miron

I absolutely love the work Dr. Fisher did, he fixed my nose exactly how I wanted while maintaining a natural look on me. I feel so much more confident in my skin and am so happy I chose him! I would definitely go back to him should I want anything else in the future.


Dr. Mark Fisher is one of the best doctors I've ever encountered.. He was very kind and caring to me both pre and post-op surgery. He even gave me his cell phone number and texted me each day until my follow-up visit. Dr Fisher trained with some of the best plastic surgeons from Northwell Health so I knew I was in capable hands.

Christine Bove

I had skin cancer surgery which left me with no skin on my ear and part of my scalp. Dr Fisher realigned my scalp and put a skin graft on my ear. He did a wonderful job of putting me back together . I was totally impressed by his professionalism and bedside manner … This was quite a heavy duty operation and Dr Fisher explained everything that needed to be done ….I recommend anyone needing reconstructive surgery to check with him.

Joan Clarke

My husband had a phenomenal experience with Dr. Fisher. We were so impressed with him, clearly one of the best surgeons in Fairfield county. Amazing to have a John’s Hopkins doctor nearby.

Carly Ritter

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