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Correcting and Restoring Your Bust

Breast augmentation is easily one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the world, enabling patients to see the bust they have been dreaming of when they look in the mirror each day. Likewise, breast reconstruction is a vitally important part of treating breast cancer and restoring your sense of self. In some cases, however, these results can change over time. In others, patients might discover that they’re not happy with their results, to begin with. Whatever your particular situation may be, Dr. Fisher is here to help, performing breast revision to restore the results of your breast augmentation or reconstruction and finally give you the look you deserve.

To learn more about how a breast restoration procedure can help you, reach out to Dr. Mark Fisher and set up your consultation at our Westport location today.

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Ideal Candidates for the Breast Revision Procedure

Most patients who come to Dr. Fisher for a breast revision procedure are unhappy with the results of a prior augmentation or reconstruction. This can take many forms, as it is common for the results of a breast procedure to change over time. The position of your implants may change, or an implant can sometimes rupture or lose its shape.

Sometimes the results of breast augmentation or reconstruction are simply not what the patient was expecting, and Dr. Fisher’s skills are sought to revise the outcome of the previous procedure. This can happen when breasts don’t look or feel quite as natural as the patient was expecting, or if the patient finds that their new breasts don’t look proportional or naturalistic.

Dr. Fisher will work closely with you to learn about the concerns you have with your previous breast surgery. Together, you’ll develop a treatment plan that restores your appearance and enables you to finally enjoy the shape and curves you want.

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Your Consultation with Dr. Fisher

Dr. Fisher makes it a point to work closely with each of his patients, but the breast revision procedure sometimes requires an extra level of close collaboration. To truly create your ideal outcome, Dr. Fisher must learn exactly what about your previous results you find to be unsatisfactory. This will enable Dr. Fisher to create a surgical plan that adequately corrects any issues that may be present.

You’ll be able to ask any questions you may have about the procedure, and Dr. Fisher will discuss everything from incision placement to the recovery process with you. The goal is to ensure that you’re as comfortable as possible as you look forward to your incredible results.

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Will My Insurance Cover Breast Revision Surgery?

While breast augmentation is considered an elective cosmetic procedure, sometimes breast revision surgery can become a medical necessity. Breast revision after breast reconstruction is often covered by insurance. In addition, complications that can come after an augmentation can sometimes become medically urgent, and in these cases, it’s increasingly likely that your insurance provider will cover a breast revision surgery.

The following conditions usually create a sufficient amount of medical urgency to warrant insurance coverage:

  • Capsular contracture, which involves a hardening of the tissue capsule that forms around the implant once it’s been placed.
  • Breast asymmetry can occur when an implant migrates out of its proper position.
  • Implant rupture, which may cause deflation of saline implants or leakage of silicone.
  • Poor incision healing can cause painful complications.

When to Consider Breast Revision Surgery

Adjusting Size or Shape

Sometimes, a patient will decide that they are no longer satisfied with the size and shape of their bust after a previous procedure, even if the results initially meet their expectations. A change in mind is not at all uncommon, and Dr. Fisher has the skills needed to help you find the bust size that is right for you.

Implant Rippling

Rippling refers to a condition in which the edges of the implant become visible just under the skin, or when an implant develops ripples that are externally visible. Breast revision can restore the implant’s naturalistic appearance, often by replacing a saline implant with a silicone one, as they are less likely to ripple.

Sagging or Bottoming Out

Sometimes the weight of an implant can stretch the skin, while in other cases the implant can simply sit lower on the chest than was anticipated. In either case, a breast revision can help to lift the position of the breast and restore a more perky and youthful appearance by either removing extra skin or inserting smaller implants.

Enjoy the Curves and Contours You Want

Finding yourself unsatisfied with the results of your breast augmentation or reconstruction can be a disappointing experience. Not only can complications after a procedure be uncomfortable and present you with upsetting medical realities, but they also stand in the way of your ability to enjoy the cosmetic results that you were hoping to see.

Dr. Fisher and his talented team are here to help. His extensive training enables him to craft elegant, naturalistic results that will expertly restore your bust and leave you with the curves and contours that you know you deserve. To learn more, reach out and set up your consultation at his Westport location today, and take those first exciting steps on your cosmetic journey.

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