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Enjoy a Youthful, Voluminous Glow

Facial fat transfer enables Dr. Fisher to correct lost volume and facial sagging with fat cells that have been harvested from your very own body. This makes the procedure safe and natural, while also giving Dr. Fisher the chance to sculpt your ideal results with an impressive level of precision. If you’re ready to learn more about how facial fat transfer can take years off your appearance, reach out and set up your consultation with Dr. Mark Fisher at our Westport location today.

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Is Facial Fat Transfer Right for Me?

As we age, it’s perfectly normal to experience deflation of the natural, full face of youth. This is due, in large part, to the loss of the natural fat of the face and can lead to sagging, wrinkling, and other signs of mild to moderate facial aging. Facial fat transfer is an excellent way to restore a youthful, full face and turn back the clock.

During your consultation, Dr. Fisher will get to know your cosmetic goals and talk you through your various options. You’re likely a great candidate for facial fat transfer at our Westport location if you’re looking to address issues like:

  • Lost volume
  • Sagging
  • Drooping
  • Deep wrinkles
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How Does the Facial Fat Transfer Process Work?

A “Combo” Procedure

Facial fat transfer is one of our patients’ favorite procedures to combine with a facelift or necklift to address all aspects of facial aging and restore a youthful look.

Liposuction & Purification

First, Dr. Fisher will use liposuction to remove unwanted fat cells from a “trouble spot” on your body. Most frequently, this winds up being the abdomen or the thighs. Once the fat is removed, it’ll be purified to ensure that what is being injected is nothing other than purified fat cells and growth factors from your very own body.

Sculpting Your Results

Once the fat cells have been purified, Dr. Fisher will then carefully inject them into the treatment area, following a specific pattern that is designed according to your individualized cosmetic goals. Each injection will be made carefully, as Dr. Fisher builds your results little by little. Facial fat transfer is a great option for patients who are looking for noticeable, naturalistic results.

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Your Recovery Period

The procedure typically only takes about an hour, and most patients only deal with a few days’ worth of recovery period. You will experience some swelling both in the area where the liposuction was performed and in the treatment area. This is usually mild and goes away over a few weeks. We’ll make sure you have any medications needed to stay comfortable as you recover, and will also provide you with detailed aftercare instructions. Dr. Fisher will set you up with follow-up appointments at our Westport location so he can ensure that you’re healing properly.

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