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Amazing, Non-Surgical, Natural Results

Sometimes, life can begin to take its toll on the quality of our skin. While the aging process can do this quite easily on its own, external factors like stress levels or weather exposure can seem to increase the speed at which our skin loses its youthful qualities.

Patients in Westport and surrounding areas with active lifestyles will be pleased to learn that Dermalinfusion can effectively address many of these issues. This amazing procedure can leave you with a healthy and fresh-faced appearance, without taking any significant time out of your daily routine.

To learn more about how Dermalinfusion creates its incredible results, reach out and set up your consultation with a member of Dr. Mark Fisher’s team at our Westport location today.

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Is Dermalinfusion Right for Me?

Dr. Mark Fisher is proud to offer a number of both surgical and non-surgical solutions to the onset of facial aging. Dr. Fisher will learn about the issues that brought you to him, and he’ll get to know your personal cosmetic goals. With this information in mind, he can then help you explore your options and pick out a treatment plan that will effectively bring you in line with your ideal outcome.

You’re likely a great candidate for a Dermalinfusion treatment if you’re interested in resolving:

  • Sun damage
  • Dry skin
  • Oily skin
  • Uneven texture
  • Age spots
  • Blemishes
  • Acne scarring
  • Hyperpigmentation
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How the Dermalinfusion Procedure Works

Dermalinfusion is an effective, three-in-one procedure that utilizes highly advanced, patented technology to simultaneously exfoliate your skin while infusing it with nourishing compounds at the very same time. The treatment can be customized around the specific issues you’re interested in addressing and typically only takes between 20 and 40 minutes to complete, depending on your treatment area. The procedure involves three main components:


Thanks to its ability to remove nearly 80% of unwanted debris and detritus — including dead skin cells, toxins, and dirt — Dermalinfusion is able to effectively reveal the healthy skin cells sitting just beneath the surface.


While the exfoliation is taking place, an advanced vacuum system will be working hard to remove all of the dirt and debris that has been loosened from your skin and pores, so both can look healthy and fresh.


The final component of the Dermalinfusion procedure involves treating your skin with a customized serum that is chosen specifically to address the issues that are keeping you from looking your absolute best.

Enjoy the Healthiest Skin of Your Life

Dermalinfusion is just one of the many methods by which Dr. Fisher can help his patients enjoy the healthiest skin they’ve seen in years, and he is excited to learn more about how he can help you enjoy a youthful glow once more. To discover how Dermalinfusion can help you, reach out and set up your consultation with a member of Dr. Fisher’s plastic surgery team today.

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