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Incredible, Life-Changing Results

Plastic surgery can sometimes become necessary for children due to a wide variety of issues including congenital differences or trauma.  Pediatric plastic surgery requires an impressive level of skill and specialized training, and Dr. Mark Fisher is proud to offer both to his patients in Westport and the nearby areas.

To learn more about how Dr. Mark Fisher can improve the life of your young one, reach out and set up a consultation with a member of our team today.

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Restoring Your Child’s Quality of Life

Your child deserves to live the happiest life possible, and Dr. Mark Fisher is here to make sure this is possible. When birth defects or acquired deformities threaten to stand in the way of your child’s life, Dr. Fisher will call on his extensive fellowship training to correct any issues that may be present.

Pediatric plastic surgery is an effective way to address a number of issues that can negatively impact a child’s life:

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Designing Your Pediatric Plastic Surgery Solution

The vast majority of pediatric plastic surgery procedures are reconstructive in nature. During your consultation with Dr. Fisher, he will get to know both you and your child, learning everything there is to know about the issues that you’re facing together.

Dr. Fisher is proud to offer an impressive variety of surgical solutions, so he will work with you to explore the various options you have available to you. Reconstructive surgery is never a one-size-fits-all solution, and this is doubly true of pediatric plastic surgery. Dr. Fisher will create a customized treatment plan that effectively addresses your child’s needs and safety.

Thanks to his extensive training, Dr. Fisher is able to bring a gentle and compassionate touch to his consultations, and he excels at setting young minds at ease. He’ll work with your child to ensure their comfort and peace of mind throughout the process, so you can both remain focused on enjoying your incredible results.

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Dr. Mark Fisher: A Practitioner Who Cares

When your child is faced with the need to undergo surgery, your family deserves to experience the care of a fellowship-trained pediatric plastic surgeon. Dr. Fisher's deep understanding of pediatric plastic surgery enables him to calm even the most nervous of patients, and he’ll guide your child through this process with care and compassion. Peace of mind is our goal, and Dr. Fisher will do everything he can to help you and your child experience it as you prepare for your incredible results. To learn more about what Dr. Mark Fisher can do for you, reach out and set up your consultation today.

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