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Never settle for less

Dr. Mark Fisher is never satisfied with "good enough." He focuses on delivering the most ideal possible results for each and every patient, and will work with you to create the outcome that truly shows the world how incredible you look.

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Bio Dr. Mark Fisher

Biography Mark Fisher, MD

Dr. Mark Fisher is a board certified plastic surgeon who brings an impressive level of fellowship training to the table, with extensive experience in craniofacial plastic surgery, breast surgery, and much more. His focus on cutting-edge techniques has enabled him to consistently deliver incredible outcomes that change his patients' lives for the better.

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Aesthetic Dr. Mark Fisher

Aesthetic Mark Fisher, MD

You deserve to look and feel your very best, and Dr. Mark Fisher is here to make that aspiration a reality. Dr. Mark Fisher offers a number of both surgical and non-surgical treatments, enabling you to truly enhance your natural good looks and enjoy the boosted confidence that follows.

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Reconstructive Dr. Mark Fisher

Reconstructive Mark Fisher, MD

Life can be quite unexpected, whether you've experienced a traumatic injury or have recovered from a significant illness, Dr. Fisher is ready to help you regain your full quality of life with a number of reconstructive procedures. Extensive levels of training have made Dr. Fisher adept at even the most complex reconstructive surgeries.

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Pediatric Dr. Mark Fisher

Pediatric Mark Fisher, MD

Dr. Fisher’s fellowship training in pediatric and craniofacial plastic surgery make him unique among plastic surgeons. From lacerations to complex reconstructive procedures, Dr. Fisher and his team provide comprehensive care and support to your child and your family so that you can enjoy a successful result and a bright future.

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Learn About Dr. Mark Fisher

Face Procedure
Face Procedure

Face Procedures Highlighting Your Natural Beauty

You deserve to feel all the confidence that comes along with a youthful, fresh-faced look and Dr. Mark Fisher is here to help. His extensive training in craniofacial plastic surgery has given him a keen eye for aesthetic excellence, and he creates naturalistic, elegant results that truly enhance his patients' natural beauty. If you're ready to enjoy results that soar above and beyond your expectations, reach out and set up your consultation with Dr. Fisher today.


Procedure SpotlightFacelift

Sagging skin, prominent jowls, or lack of a sharp jawline can create a more aged appearance than we might like to see when we look in the mirror. A facelift with Dr. Mark Fisher is the perfect way to regain that youthful glow, and make a first impression that truly wows.

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Procedure SpotlightRhinoplasty

Thanks to his extensive fellowship training, Dr. Mark Fisher is able to sculpt and shape a nose that markedly enhances your sense of facial harmony. Whether you’re concerned about a nasal hump or a drooping tip, Dr. Fisher can create the result you want.

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Plastic Surgery in Westport

Committed to Excellence 

At Dr. Mark Fisher’s practice, "good enough" is never an option. We'll create your ideal results, so you can enjoy all the confidence that comes along with a truly stunning look.

Dr. Mark Fisher
Breast Augmentation

Procedure SpotlightBreast Augmentation

Breast augmentation with Dr. Mark Fisher is the perfect way to enjoy curves and contours that effectively communicate your sense of femininity. With a variety of surgical techniques and implant types to choose from, Dr. Fisher and his team can create results that enhance your figure like never before.

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Breast Lift

Procedure SpotlightBreast Lift

Turn back the clock and enjoy a lifted, youthful physicality thanks to Dr. Mark Fisher's modern breast lift technique with minimal scarring. Whether performed on its own or in conjunction with another procedure like an augmentation, this treatment reliably creates impressive results.

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I absolutely love the work Dr. Fisher did. He fixed my nose exactly how I wanted while maintaining a natural look.

Dr. Mark Fisher
Dr. Mark Fisher

Minimally Invasive Impressive Results, Minimal Downtime

Our busier, more active patients love the selection of minimally invasive treatments we offer here at our practice. From facial fillers and BOTOX to FaceTite and Morpheus, we’re ready to help you achieve your ideal look without taking any serious time out of your busy day-to-day routine. To learn more about the impressive selection of non-surgical options we offer, reach out and set up your consultation today.


Pediatric ProceduresA Bright Future

If your child needs the advanced skills of a pediatric plastic surgeon, Dr. Mark Fisher is here to help. His high levels of training enable him to address issues caused by congenital birth defects, injuries, and more, all while keeping your child comfortable and relaxed.

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Reconstructive SurgeryGet Back to Life

Well versed in a wide variety of reconstructive procedures, Dr. Fisher and his team are ready to create results that restore your body and sense of self.

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Our Mission

To partner with you in delivering safe, modern results that help you look and feel your best.

Dr. Mark Fisher - Our Mission
Dr. Mark Fisher - Our Mission
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