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Developing Advanced Facial Trauma Solutions

As a craniofacial plastic surgeon, Dr. Mark Fisher is highly trained in a number of reconstructive plastic surgery techniques, and he is excited to offer these skills to patients in Westport and the nearby areas. Facial trauma can take a surprising number of forms, which is why Dr. Fisher has dedicated himself to a level of training that enables him to address just about any issue a patient might bring to his practice. He’ll get to know you and the issues you’re facing and will work with you to design a treatment plan that restores your appearance and neatly corrects any facial trauma that you may have experienced.

To learn more about how Dr. Fisher and his team guide their patients through the facial reconstruction experience with care and compassion, reach out and set up your consultation at our Westport location today.

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When to Consider Facial Reconstruction

Most of the facial reconstruction procedures performed by Dr. Fisher are completed after a traumatic experience has permanently and significantly impacted the facial region. In some cases, the changes are purely cosmetic.

Your face, however, is an important aspect of your appearance. Since it is arguably one of the first things people notice about an individual, many patients are interested in restoring their appearance and regaining their sense of self-confidence.

In more serious cases, facial trauma can have a medical impact. If a patient’s ability to eat, breathe, see, or communicate has been negatively impacted, facial reconstruction can become both urgent and necessary.

Dr. Fisher most commonly sees patients seeking out facial reconstruction after having undergone one of the following events:

  • Facial fractures
  • Skin cancer treatment
  • Lacerations to the face
  • Significant burn scarring
  • Genetic or congenital issues
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The Care and Compassion You Deserve

Each and every facial reconstruction procedure is highly unique. The face is a complex series of bones, muscles, and nerves, so Dr. Fisher must call on an exceptional level of training and expertise to craft the results he is able to promise his patients. Further, the causes that can bring patients to his practice vary in their nature and severity. This means that Dr. Fisher will utilize a high level of skill as he designs your custom-tailored treatment plan.

During your consultation, Dr. Fisher will explain the specifics of your surgery to you, providing you with everything you’ll need to know about both the procedure and what to expect from your recovery process.

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Why choose Dr. Mark Fisher?

Dr. Fisher is a board-certified, Fellowship-trained cosmetic expert whose meticulous eye for detail and dedication to natural-looking outcomes make him the ideal choice for procedures related to facial trauma. He listens carefully to each patient’s concerns and crafts a customized treatment plan tailored to the individual. As part of his experience, Dr. Fisher has traveled around the world to perform medical mission work, assisting at-risk populations with complex and demanding facial procedures.

Recently, Dr. Fisher was named Assistant Professor of Surgery at the renowned Albert Einstein College of Medicine, an honor reserved for physicians of the highest caliber. His exceptional training background includes graduation from among the top medical schools in the nation – Columbia University and Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. After graduating, Dr. Fisher completed an integrated Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery residency at Northwell Health in NYC, garnering the title of Chief Resident. He subsequently pursued a prestigious Fellowship in Pediatric and Craniofacial Plastic Surgery at the Children’s National Hospital in Washington, D.C.

Discover the Dr. Fisher Difference Today

Few practitioners are able to offer the level of training and experience that Dr. Fisher brings to the table, and he can’t wait to learn more about how he can resolve your facial trauma issues and restore your quality of life in the process.

To learn more about what Dr. Fisher and his team can do for you, reach out and set up your consultation at our Westport location today, and take those first important steps on your restorative journey.

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