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Peace of Mind with Crisalix Virtual Aesthetics

Dr. Mark Fisher is excited to be offering his patients use of the Crisalix Virtual Aesthetics system, an advanced 3D imaging tool that will enable you to compare before and after imagery, adjusting the specifics of your procedure so that you can zero in on the results you’d prefer with an unparalleled level of precision.

To learn more about how this impressive new system can help you enjoy peace of mind as you look forward to your exciting surgical results, reach out to Dr. Fisher’s team and set up your consultation today.

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When to Consider The Crisalix System

Before any surgery is performed, it’s crucial that Dr. Fisher is able to establish that his patient has a realistic set of expectations with regard to the potential outcome of their procedure. This often involves thorough discussion during the preoperative procedure, and now includes the added benefit of the Crisalix Virtual Aesthetics system.

We tend to utilize this technology most frequently with Rhinoplasty procedures, as well as our various Breast Procedures. These surgeries bring with them some of the most impactful cosmetic changes that a patient can possibly undergo, so the ability to visualize potential results goes a long way towards helping our patients enjoy peace of mind as they look forward to their ideal outcomes.

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Your Crisalix Experience with Dr. Fisher

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How the Crisalix System Works

This technology works by utilizing pictures of the patient to create a digital 3D model, which can then be adjusted to reflect how the patient will look after a given surgical procedure.

These pictures can be taken with any standard phone camera, and Dr. Fisher will guide you through the potential outcomes you can expect.

Our patients truly love the ability to visualize their bodies before and after surgery in this way, as it helps them to refine their surgical plan and customize their results in ways that markedly enhance their quality of life. When you’re ready to learn more about how this technology can benefit you, Dr. Fisher and his team are here to help. Reach out and set up your consultation today!

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