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Enjoy Softer, Smoother Facial Contours

Numerous patients have come to Dr. Mark Fisher’s practice for facial feminization procedures, for an impressively wide variety of reasons. Men and women alike seek out this treatment, as “feminization” doesn’t necessarily indicate a sweeping, overall change to the shape of one’s face. Rather, facial feminization surgery can be used to adjust your look in any number of ways, thanks to a highly customizable series of procedures. To learn more about how facial feminization can help you enjoy your ideal look, reach out and set up your consultation at our Westport location today.

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What Does Facial Feminization Involve?

Your preoperative consultation will be an excellent time for Dr. Fisher to get to know your specific cosmetic goals, and he’ll help you pick the perfect treatment for you. Facial feminization is a great way to enjoy a smoother, more contoured look, but this result isn’t created by one procedure.

Your facial feminization procedure will likely involve some combination of the following options:

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Customizing Your Facial Feminization Plan

Dr. Fisher will work closely with you to develop a customized facial feminization treatment plan that brings you in line with the look you’ve been searching for. His fellowship training enables him to exercise an impressive level of precision, so you’ll be able to look forward to the results of your dreams.

Forehead Recontouring

Forehead recontouring is a critical component of facial feminization surgery, helping to soften masculine features and create a more feminine and delicate appearance.

Fat Grafting

Utilize fat cells from your very own body to restore lost volume while also smoothing over the presence of fine lines and wrinkles in the face.

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Brow Recontouring

Brow recontouring creates a more arched and delicate brow shape to enhance the femininity of the face.

Brow Lift

A brow lift is a powerful tool for facial feminization, helping to create a more feminine and youthful appearance by lifting the brow and reducing the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin.


Enjoy a nose that better complements your overall sense of facial harmony and symmetry, thanks to a rhinoplasty procedure with Dr. Fisher.

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Chin Contouring

Chin surgery can include narrowing and moving the chin forward to feminize the face.

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Forehead Shortening

Forehead shortening is a transformative procedure for facial feminization, reducing the size of the forehead and creating a more feminine and proportionate appearance.

Mandibular Angle Reduction

Mandibular angle reduction creates a more delicate and feminine jawline by reducing the size of the mandibular angles.

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Recovery After Facial Feminization

Given that this procedure is highly customizable, every recovery period tends to be a bit different. Because of this, Dr. Fisher and his team will make sure that you’re given detailed aftercare instructions, and you’ll be set up with follow-up appointments to ensure that you’re recovering properly. During your consultation, you’ll also be able to ask any questions you might have about the procedure itself, so you’ll be able to feel completely comfortable and secure as you prepare for your incredible new results.

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Dr. Mark Fisher

Helping You Enjoy the Look of Your Dreams

Dr. Mark Fisher brings an extensive level of experience to the table when it comes to cosmetic surgery of the face, and he’s excited to learn more about how he can bring you in line with results that will change your life for the better. Committed to results that soar above and beyond “good enough,” Dr. Fisher and his team will work closely with you to develop a treatment plan that sees you enjoying the look you’ve always wanted.

If you’re ready to learn more about facial feminization and the numerous other procedures offered by Dr. Fisher and his team, we’re excited to hear from you. Reach out and set up your appointment at our Westport location today, and take those first exciting steps on your life-changing cosmetic journey.

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