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Love Your Bright, Clear Eyes

Also known as blepharoplasty, eyelid surgery is often sought by those who are looking to combat some of the earliest and most noticeable signs of facial aging. As your skin begins to lose its firm structure and gravity ultimately takes its toll, it’s fairly common for sagging skin and drooping bags to form either above or below the eyes.

If this sounds like you, Dr. Mark Fisher and his talented team are here to help. His extensive training and commitment to elegant, naturalistic results enable him to create an outcome that will essentially turn back the clock, restoring your bright and youthful glow. To learn more about what Dr. Mark Fisher can do for you, reach out and set up your consultation at our Westport location today.

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Am I a Good Candidate for Eyelid Surgery?

Dr. Fisher works closely with his patients in Westport, and he’ll help you land the treatment that is the best way to meet your cosmetic goals and enjoy the look of your dreams. In addition to an impressive range of facial cosmetic procedures, Dr. Fisher also offers a number of non-surgical alternatives, so you’ll explore all of your options together.

You’re likely a great candidate for eyelid surgery if you’re experiencing moderate to severe signs of facial aging that include issues like:

  • Undereye bags
  • Drooping eyelids
  • Lost volume
  • Excess skin
  • Sagging skin
  • Pockets of excess fat
  • Obstructed vision
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Your Consultation with Dr. Fisher

Before your procedure, you’ll meet with Dr. Fisher to go over the details of your surgery. This will be your chance to ask any questions you might have about how the surgery works, how to prepare for it, and what you’ll experience as you recover and heal. Dr. Fisher and his team want to ensure that you feel completely confident and comfortable, through every step of your procedure.

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About the Blepharoplasty Procedure

Every blepharoplasty in Westport, Connecticut, is unique, as no two blepharoplasty procedures address exactly the same issues. Upper eyelid surgery usually involves removing excess eyelid skin and sometimes removing bulging fat. The incision is hidden in your natural eyelid crease and heals beautifully. Lower eyelid surgery is performed to address undereye bags and drooping skin. Depending on your exact concerns, a lower blepharoplasty may be performed through a hidden scar inside your eyelid or right under your eyelashes. In either case, this scar is almost imperceptible once healed. Dr. Fisher will talk you through the specifics of your surgery, explaining exactly what to expect in terms of incision placement, scarring, and how long the procedure will take so you can feel completely comfortable and secure.

Preparing for Surgery

Dr. Fisher and his team will give you specific instructions on how to prepare for your surgery in Connecticut. If you smoke, you will need to stop for some time before the procedure, as this can negatively impact the recovery process. Dr. Fisher will help you understand everything you need to know so you're adequately prepared for your surgery. 

The Recovery Process

Dr. Fisher and his team will set up follow-up appointments so they can monitor your progress and ensure that you’re healing nicely. You’ll have everything you need to stay comfortable as you recover, and Dr. Fisher will help you understand the specific timeline of your recuperation period well before the day of your surgery.

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Dr. Fisher’s Unique Brand of Excellence

Extensive fellowship training and a unique approach to cosmetic surgery of the face and body have made Dr. Mark Fisher adept at bringing patients in line with their cosmetic aspirations, and he can’t wait to learn more about what he can do for you. 

Dr. Fisher is committed to creating results that naturalistically and notably enhance your existing sense of facial harmony, but never in a way that makes it possible to tell that you’ve “had something done.” This subtle approach to impressive results truly sets Dr. Fisher apart in his field, and his talented team is excited to learn more about how they can help you truly love the way you look.

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Take the First Steps Toward Your Cosmetic Goals

If you’re in the Westport, CT area and you’re ready to see bright, clear eyes when you look in the mirror every day, blepharoplasty (also known as eyelid surgery) with Dr. Fisher is the right choice for you. Whether you’re having issues with your upper or lower eyelids, Dr. Fisher and his team have extensive training and are ready to bring you in line with the results you’re looking for.

To learn more about what Dr. Mark Fisher can do for you, reach out and set up a consultation at our Westport office, and take the first steps on your incredible cosmetic journey today.

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