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Correcting Vascular Malformations

Vascular malformations are a type of malformation that is typically present at birth. They may involve capillaries, veins, arteries, or lymphatic channels. Given that most instances of vascular malformation are best addressed early on, this surgery is frequently performed on younger children. Dr. Mark Fisher possesses an exceptionally high level of fellowship training, making him adept at some of even the most challenging procedures. He also frequently performs pediatric reconstructive surgeries and is experienced working with his younger patients and ensuring that they remain comfortable throughout the entire process. If you or your child are dealing with vascular malformations, please reach out to Dr. Mark Fisher and set up your consultation to learn more about how Dr. Fisher can help you today.

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Understanding Vascular Malformations

Your blood vessels, veins, capillaries, arteries, and lymph vessels all do an important job, helping blood move throughout your body and delivering oxygen to your tissues and organs. When these vessels don’t develop properly, however, it will cause a condition known as a vascular malformation.

These typically take one of several forms.

  • Hemangiomas are usually present at birth or appear shortly after. They tend to grow quickly and then slowly recede over time. Often treated with topical or oral medicine, hemangiomas may require a plastic surgeon if they do not respond to medical therapy, are life-threatening, or do not resolve with age.
  • Vascular Malformations are abnormal connections between capillaries, veins, arteries, or lymphatic channels. They are present at birth and grow with the person. They may appear as a birthmark overlying a lump under the skin. Their treatment often involves a team approach from interventional radiologists, dermatologists, and a plastic surgeon. 
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Addressing the Issue

Vascular malformations can be found just about anywhere in the body, and tend to range in severity. As a result, no two treatments are ever exactly the same. Treatment is often a combination of medication, minimally invasive endovascular procedures, and surgery. Dr. Fisher will evaluate your specific problem, and develop a surgical plan that effectively mitigates the issue.

Recovering and Maintaining Your Results

Depending on the size of the vascular malformation, the patient’s age, and the type of surgery, you or your child may go home after surgery or stay in the hospital overnight for observation. Regardless of the method used to address your issue, Dr. Fisher and his staff will closely monitor you and schedule follow-up appointments to make sure you are healing well.

If you or your child are faced with vascular malformations, Dr. Fisher and his talented team are ready to help. These issues are often best addressed as early as possible, and you are encouraged to bring your child to Dr. Mark Fisher if you suspect or know that vascular malformations might be present. As a fellowship-trained pediatric plastic surgeon, Dr. Fisher will work with you to address your concerns and obtain the best possible result.

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